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My services include selling and letting your property. If you would like to sell your flat or your house, I will help you sell your property as quickly as possible at the best possible price. Moreover, I will take charge of letting your house or your flat and finding the right tenant for you – not the first that comes along.

Feel free to tell me whatever you desire and I will take charge of marketing or finding the best property for you.


There are many triggers for selling a real estate. Often, personal reasons play a significant role. Your real estates are in the best hands with me. I will safeguard your personal interests and sell your real estate – quickly and efficiently.

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You just don’t have the time? Or, you would like to maintain anonymity while searching for the right tenant? I am looking forward to taking charge of this task and finding the best tenant for you – not the first that comes along. With my expertise and experience, I know exactly what is needed to let your property for the best conditions.

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Managing real estates is not only my business, but also my passion. It is not only about properties, but also about humans who live in them. I am very pleased to help you find the real estate you have been dreaming of.

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Your new house or flat must be suitable for you and must match your wishes, for it is the new place where you must feel at home.

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A realistic valuation of your real estate is often the key to immediate selling. My individual advisory services are aimed at valuating your real estate and displaying the factors contributing to its value.

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