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You would like to sell your flat or your house in the region of Mannheim?

If you desire to sell your real estate as quickly as possible at the best possible price, benefit from my expertise and experience. Individual presentation constitutes the basis for successful selling. Let me know what is important for you and how I can support you.

I will be at your side as the partner you can rely on and undertake every effort to make your personal triumph come true. 

Your real estate in good hands.

I will sell your real estate – quickly and efficiently.

There are many reasons for selling a real estate, such as the desire of living in a new place, the birth of a child or the need for age-appropriate housing. The decision of selling one’s proper real estate is often difficult and represents a strenuous and very emotional process for all persons involved.

A person’s real estate is usually his or her most precious property. Therefore, you should not leave the selling of your real estate to chance, but rely on professional support and expertise in marketing. I will assist you in valuating your real estate as well as coordinating and marketing its selling. If you wish to celebrate best results in short time, I will support you in selling your real estate as quickly as possible at the best possible price.

You satisfaction is my aim. Even after having sold your real estate, I will remain at your side and be your point of contact under every circumstance. You will see that I am not any real estate agent, but the best you can get. If you have any questions or problems later on, feel free to contact me. Just ring me or write me an email. 

Services for the seller:

Valuating your real estate and thoroughly recording all relevant information. 

Appraising your real estate and assessing its value

Detailed market assessment of ongoing offers in the region. Ongoing offers decisively influence the price of your offer and must be considered when aiming at achieving quick success. 

A wide range of marketing measures with high-quality presentation and comprehensive advertising in media relevant to the target group.

Preparation. Active drafting of the sales contract in order to protect you from financial losses. 

The basis for a successful selling.

Learn your tables. The basics of selling your real estate.

Maybe you have already tried to sell your real estate by yourself, but you have not had any success so far. At first, you usually have great number of viewers, in the end, however, you do not achieve a sale. Let me help you in these situations and we will review your previous as well as ongoing sales activities.

In general, there are three factors that make a sale come true or become difficult: the price of your real estate, its current state and your marketing mix. At our first advisory meeting, we will speak about these issues and I will analyse how to get the most out of your real estate in short time.

It’s the first impression that counts.

Home Staging is aimed at giving your property a new look and make it become more attractive for buyers.

Home Staging is very helpful for presenting your real estate in the best way and to leave a good first impression, which in return will raise your chances of selling your real estate at the highest price. Prospective buyers see your real estate differently than you do. Those who do their best in presenting their real estate will quickly be more successful at selling it! I am looking forward to showing you how to put your house or flat in the limelight.

If you do not wish to receive advice on Home Staging, I will provide you with some basic tips on how to shed the best light on your real estate. I will show you how to achieve the best results in a few quick steps. For example, put aside all your personal belongings, including piles of journals, photos or notes attached to your pin board. Make your living space appear neutral so that prospective buyers have enough space to unfold their proper living ideas. 

I will always give you independent tips and advise you on how to present your real estate in the most attractive way – even without additional Home Staging. It is important that prospective buyers discover all the comforts as if they were at home.