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Learn more about my services. Benefit from the special services I provide for interested parties. Find out about the advantages of the DIV and what it means to be a good real estate agent.

If you have any questions or any special request, do not hesitate but kindly let me now.

Agent Selection Criteria

Selling or buying a real estate is a very complex process. A good real estate agent must have professional experience and must be client-oriented with an eye for detail. An experienced and competent agent is the key for achieving your goals.

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Services For The Interested

If you already have a certain idea of what your prospective home should look like, the service I provide for interested parties is just the right thing for you.

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Partner Network

You need a plumber, an architect, property expert or notary? Feel free to contact me. I will put you in touch with whoever you need from my experienced network members.

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Div Partner

The German Real Estate Consultants Network (Deutsche Immobilienberater Verbund, abbr. DIV) is a network of professional real estate agents. Its members act according to clearly defined quality standards, participate in special training seminars and exchange experiences.

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