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Selling or buying a real estate is a very complex process. A good real estate agent must have professional experience and must be client-oriented with an eye for detail. An experienced and competent agent is the key for achieving your goals.

If you are looking for the right agent, you should attach importance to experience and competence. Your agent should be your partner who assists you whenever he or she can. The interpersonal chemistry between you and your agent should be right. If you would like to get to know me, feel free to contact me; I will arrange a non-binding meeting.

Finding the right agent.

From hard facts to gut feelings.

If your agent does not know how to assess the value of your property correctly or if your agent does not take precautions or makes marketing mistakes, you will easily lose assets. The right real estate agent will help you get the most out of everything and sell your property for the best conditions. As there are many different agents, it is not always easy to find the right one. Even if you have found an agent, you never know whether he will really help you achieve your goals. Comprehensive proficiency is the guarantor of your success. With my professional expertise and long-standing experience, I can provide you with a wide range of services to crown your efforts with success.

Therefore, it is important for you to have an exact idea of how your agent can make a difference. I do not consider myself as any standard agent. I am your partner you can rely on and ask for advice. My aim is to support you in the best way. I have the sensitivity and self-assertion needed to realise your wishes and get the most out of contract negotiations. My approach is personal, comprehensive and goal-oriented.

These are the questions you should ask when you are searching for the right agent.

Professional qualification

Is real estate management the agent’s main job?

Did s/he attend secondary or advanced training seminars?

What kind of training seminars did s/he attend?

Does s/he cooperate with other real estate agents?


Marketing qualifications

Does the agent create an individual marketing plan for you?

Does s/he provide you with current market information as well as market and competitor analyses?

How does s/he inform interested parties?


Previous achievements

What is the relation between properties sold and selling orders?

What is the agent’s average time of selling a certain property?

What is the average difference between offer price and actual selling price according to sales contract?


Additional aspects

Do you have only one point of contact or many?

How often will we be in touch?

Does the agent inform you about his or her selling activities?

Does s/he take time for me and my requests?

Am I in good hands? Does s/he advise me well?