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If you already have a certain idea of what your prospective home should look like, the service I provide for interested parties is just the right thing for you.

I will create a requirements profile for you and check on a daily basis whether incoming offers match your profile.

As soon as I have found an offer that suits you, I will contact you immediately.

Your real estate is in the best hands.

Save precious time.

Benefit from my service and find the property of your dreams more quickly. As a first step, I will listen to your wishes and create your personal requirements profile. This profile will contain information on hard factors such as living-space, number of rooms or year of construction as well as soft factors such as environment. As soon as I have found a property that matches your requirements, I will contact you and arrange an appointment for viewing if you are interested.

The following is a list of the most important questions for creating your profile:

  • Where should your new home be located?
  • Would you like to buy or rent a new home?
  • House, flat or land?
  • Size of the land?
  • Size of the living-space?
  • Number of rooms?
  • Selling price or amount of rent?
  • Do you have any special wishes or requests?